Picture of Jane ConstantineauMy Story

Thanks to my dad’s career, I grew up all over the place, starting in Iran and moving to Washington, D.C., Guatemala City and Tucson, Ariz. I graduated from Williams College in 2000 and from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 2003. Over 10 years I worked as a writer for a public relations agency, advocacy groups, and a non-profit consulting firm.

When my dad died in 2012, I left my job to work on his memoir, which he had started 10 years earlier. I used his written stories, audiotapes of interviews, and many primary sources like letters, speeches and news articles to create a full narrative of his life. The final product, Kill the Gringo: The Life of Jack Hood Vaughn, was published by Rare Bird Books in May 2017.

I have a passion for helping people tell their stories. Recording your experiences, aspirations, failures and accomplishments can be transformative and give you a whole new perspective on your life. Creating a memoir also gives the people who love you a tangible way to learn about you and connect with you after you’re gone.